Second week!

We started the day with Sally the Siren and her friend Octopus and we said hello, how are you? to everybody. We continued with Nemo’s story and we made our own puppet of our friend Octopus! Also, while we were painting we learnt the colors and we played the Touch color… Game!
Vam començar el dia amb la sirena Sally i el seu amic Octopus i vam dir hello, how are you? a tothom. Vam continuar la història del Nemo i vam fer la nostra pròpia titella del nostre amic Octopus! També, mentre pintàvem vam aprendre els colors i vam jugar al Touch color… Game!

As this week we were on Italy, we watched an episode of the Little Einsteins about Italy in English. We learn some food vocabulary in English and played the bingo-memory game with food! At the end, we created our own menu in groups.
Com aquesta setmana estàvem a Itàlia, vam veure un episodi dels Little Einsteins sobre Itàlia en anglès. Vam aprendre vocabulari relacionat amb el menjar en anglès i vam jugar al bingo-memory amb menjar! Al final, vam crear el nostre propi menú en grups.

The main story and topic of this group is Sinbad’s story. So, we read the beggining of the story, we learnt who Sinbad is and we started our Project: creating our own island. We started by creating our flag and our invented language. We played some games as well, such as the statue game (to review body vocabulary) and walk as if game (to review actions).
La història i el tema principal d’aquest grup és la història de Simbad. Per aquest motiu, vam llegir el principi de la història, vam aprendre qui és Simbad i vam començar el nostre Projecte: crear una illa. Vam començar per crear una bandera i un idioma inventat. També vam jugar a jocs com statue game (per recordar vocabulari del cos) i walk as if game (per revisar accions).

We continued with the Odysee and we saw all the monsters and creatures Ulysses had to fight against to go back to Ithaca. In groups, we had battles between two creatures or monsters to learn their powers. We played some games as well, such as walk as if game (to review actions) and movies game (to review sea animal vocabulary).
Vam continuar amb la Odissea i vam veure tots els monstres i criatures amb les que Ulisses va haver de lluitar per poder tornar a Ítaca. Per grups, vam crear batalles entre dos monstres o criatures per aprendre els seus poders. També vam jugar a walk as if game (per revisar accions) i movies game (per revisar vocabulari dels animals del mar).

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